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Posted 2 years ago

As of tomorrow, I will have 23 days until I report to the MTC for my mission.

And you know how I’m gonna spend those 23 days (minus the Sundays)?


being a gym junkie

eating clean

reading and studying

regular temple attendance besides the shifts I work

weaning myself of the interwebs.

Wish me luck!

Posted 2 years ago

What I wish I’d known before my mission

John Bytheway

Posted 2 years ago

What I’d Wish I’d Known Before My Mission

-John Bytheway

Posted 2 years ago

My current workspace.

Posted 2 years ago

There is no Mission Prep class today. I don’t know what to do with myself.

I guess I’ll just watch General Conference again.

Posted 2 years ago

Family Home Evening is like an analogy.

I had the activity tonight so I decided to have us do the same thing I did in Mission Prep yesterday: tie everything into the gospel.

In turns, we gave each other one random verse in The Book of Mormon, one random paragraph from Preach My Gospel, and one random object. We then had to tie them each together in a sort of mini-devotional.

Thanks to Mary, I can now never put on chapstick without thinking about prayer.

"These guys clearly were not praying often because if they had, their spirits wouldn’t have been so •chapped•. And, like chapstick, we need to apply prayer often and liberally so as to get soft, luscious lips and spirits.”